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Carolina Catholic Professionals

Professional and business individuals sharing the Good News of the Gospel through word and works.


Carolina Catholic Professionals is a membership organization associated with Lucis Via Charities, Inc., a Charleston-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We serve to share the Good News of the Gospel through word and works by defending the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, providing a spiritual refuge for Catholic Laity and Christian believers, encouraging a rigorous intellectual and Godly examination of ideas, and providing Christ-informed service and charity to the community.

Our motto is Humanitas Christi: Christ’s People. We are joined in communion through our shared Catholic Christian faith and our calling to bear witness to the Gospel in the way we live our lives. We are Christ’s people encountering the world.

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It is time for each of us to support

Catholic Radio in South Carolina

If you are a believer in Christ you know that the world is in desperate need of the His Holy Word.  Today, there is no greater media source for Christian evangelization than Catholic Radio, which presents the Gospel and offers apologetics 24/7 over the airwaves.  Carolina Catholic Professionals is helping to build the capacity of Catholic Radio in South Carolina.

The Lowcountry is blessed to have three Catholic Radio stations, 730 AM, 106.7 FM, and a new station WBEI 102.9 FM licensed to Bishop England High School.  While the two FM stations are low-power, 730 AM is the 5,000-watt broadcasting anchor for Catholic Radio in the Lowcountry. 

Catholic Radio in South Carolina depends on the generous support of faithful souls in our community.  PLEASE, help Catholic Radio feed souls hungering for the truth, beauty, and love of Jesus Christ.  Give now!  Ask our Lord to guide you.  Help us bring His Holy Word to souls in need

Please, support Catholic Radio!

The Saint John Cemetery Memorial Project

 Thanks be to God, the grace of the Holy Spirit, and support from many wonderful souls, the initial phase of landscaping work has begun at Saint John Cemetery. The next phase will include the installation of an irrigation system and additional plant materials. The final phase will consist of completing the walkway, building the memorial foundation stand, and installing the central cross, the carving of which is currently underway. Should we have sufficient remaining funds available, we will install benches. God willing, we hope to be finished in time for All Souls Day. Thank you for your interest, support, and prayers.

Names of people buried in St. John Cemetery,

Taken from the Death Registry of St. Peter Church

We ask you to join us in support of this effort. Please contact Frank Dirks


phone: 843-670-1350

During this season of Lent please help us,

help a Christian sister living among us.

Matthew 25:45  Amen, I say to you, what you did not do for one of these least ones, you did not do for me.  

Please, today, for Lent, help us help Ms. Rosa.

For Lent, please prayerfully consider offering your prayers and assistance for Ms. Rosa, a sister in Christ living among us.  The floor in Ms. Rosa’s kitchen is buckling and becoming increasingly unstable for her to walk even with a cane.

Ms. Rosa was born in 1926 in rural Berkeley County, South Carolina.  As an African-American growing up during Jim Crow in the rural south, Ms. Rosa sought the relative better opportunities available in the greater Charleston community.  For many years she worked as a housekeeper although she was poorly, sometimes unfairly compensated without recourse.  Over time she was able to obtain a job at the Naval exchange on the U.S. Navy base in North Charleston.  She retired after thirty-seven years of service. 

Ms. Rosa lives in the Union Heights Neighborhood of North Charleston and is an active member of New Bethel Reformed Episcopal Church where she has worshipped for sixty-seven years.  Ms. Rosa is the matriarch for her community.  Her small home has become a community center.  She sells candy, chips, and soft drinks to the neighborhood children since there are no stores for such things within a safe walk for the children.  At ninety-six, she regularly checks in on and cares for her ‘elderly’ neighbors.

When Ms. Rosa was eighty-seven years old she enjoyed one of the highlights of her life.  She accompanied neighborhood children to Ghana, Africa for eighteen days and took her first plane ride. During their stay they learned about the local community and culture.  

Carolina Catholic Professionals is organizing a project to rebuild the floor and upgrade the small kitchen in Ms. Rosa’s home.  The same team of skilled volunteer craftsmen from across the country that over a weekend rebuilt the porch for an elderly resident of Charleston will serve Ms. Rosa over the weekend of May 4-9.

We are begging for your help.  The cost of materials and appliances will amount to roughly $8,000.

We welcome appropriate in-kind donations.

After the work is completed, we will donate any and all excess funds to the charity of Ms. Rosa's choice.

Will you help us help Ms. Rosa?

You may give online through this link:   Please help us repair and rebuild Ms. Rosa's kitchen.

Or you may send a check to:  Carolina Catholic Professionals, 410 Mill Street, Suite 101, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464

indicating “The Ms. Rosa project” in the memo.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.  May God bless you and your family.

New Catholic App for phones, pads, and tablets.

The MediaTrix App is your gateway to engaging Catholic thought. Featuring an easy-to-use platform with twelve separate portals, the App presents podcasts, blog posts and a 24/7 broadcast with Catholic perspectives on Faith & Family, Biblical Prophecy, Literature, Culture, Church Liturgy, Theology of the Body & God’s gift of human sexuality, Stewardship & Giving, Diocesan news & interviews, Apologetics, Church History, The Interior Life & Prayers, and much MORE.

The MediaTrix App is available as a free download at your phone’s app store. Search for “MediaTrix” and look for the logo featuring a blue rose on a pristine white background. Or use these links in your web browser:QR code for MediaTrix

Apple (iPhone, iPad):

Android (Google Play Store):

To survive in today's secularized world, Catholics must be courageous in professing their faith. They must be courageous in living their faith. Today's world, surely our American world, needs courageous Catholics. - Fr. John A. Hardon

Voices from the Community

Tommy Hartnet, former U.S. Representative, South Carolina, 1st District

Voices from the Community

Shelayne Witte, Lay Dominican and Prison ministry volunteer

Voices from the Community

Ashley Pennington, Public Defender, South Carolina Ninth Circuit (ret).

Voices from the Community

Michael Horkey - Grand Knight, Saint Finbar Council, Knights of Columbus.

Annual Fellowship Dinner 2022

Dr Ryan Hanning is a professor, itinerant teacher, speaker, and homesteader. Most importantly, He is a husband & father with a passion for teaching and diving into life’s deepest questions.


Voices from the Community

Karmin Meade - Director of Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Charleston @ Nov 2022 First Friday Networking

Voices from the Community

A Lowcountry’s Religious Roots Getting Renewed Attention

A vacant lot at the corner of Coming and Shepard Streets was nearly forgotten until Frank Dirks became curious. It has been determined that roughly 150 or more enslaved people are buried at St. John Cemetery. FOX 24 News Anchor Bill Burr conducted an exclusive interview with members of Carolina Catholic Professionals regarding this hidden history.

If you’d like to learn more about the memorial project and how to donate, go to

Sister Julia's Blessed Peter Audio Message

Voices from the Community

Melissa Levesque - Vice President of Development  and Stewardship, Coastal Community Foundation

Voices from the Community

Sister Gioan Linh Nguyen, Daughters of Saint Paul

Voices from the Community

Bill Burr, Main anchor for FOX 24 Charleston and a vital member of the ABC News 4 newsroom

Voices from the Community

Anne Hobday, Emergency/respite care foster parent for South Carolina Department of Social Services @ First Friday Networking

Membership Drive

For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ.There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 

Galatians 3:27-28

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta

We humbly ask you to join us

We are a network of Catholics and Christians across the greater Charleston community.

We support our Church

We support each other

We bear witness to the Gospel in the way we live our lives.

We stand together in quiet defiance to a culture that increasingly aspires to live without God.

We are comfortably, confidently Catholic

Audio Message from Erica Plater OLM

Voices from the Community

Recently, Doris Hazel, a retired teacher and life-long Charlestonian shared her story of faith and family as an African-American Catholic growing up in the Jim-Crow South. Ms. Hazel has been a leader in the effort to bring attention and a proper memorial to the Saint John Cemetery.

Voices from the Community

Clayton Burrous will share what he has learned form his extensive travel, work, and worship experiences in China: "Where China and the Catholic Faith Meet"

Voices from the Community

John Carroll, Consultant, Strategist, and Executive Coach

Among the souls who have shared their faith and experience with Carolina Catholic Professionals include...

Peter Bleyer, MD, South Carolina Catholic Medical Association 

Clayton Burrous, SunBelt Gifts and China Travels

Bill Burr, Main anchor for FOX 24 Charleston and a vital member of the ABC News 4 newsroom

David Burt, Vice President/Architect, LS3P

Stephen Carson, Owner, Level Footing Home Inspections

John Carroll, Consultant, Strategist, Executive Coach

Lisa Cottingham, Director, Roper Saint Francis Mission

Noreen Cutshall, Site Director, Lowcountry Pregnancy Center

Barbara Denton, Founder, Camp Rise Above

Dan Doyle, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, the Beach Company

Michael Duffy, U.S. District Court Judge of the District for South Carolina, Retired

Pamela Sue Evette, Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina

Rear Admiral James Flatley, U.S. Navy, Retired

Patrick Finneran, Principal, Bishop England High School

Conor Gallagher, Author and Publisher

of Saint Benedict Press and TAN Books

Erin and Cody Groeber, Founders of Corpus Christi Academy

Robert Hagood Chief Operating Officer,

Southern Diversified Distributors, Inc.

Michael Horkey - Grand Knight, Saint Finbar Council, Knights of Columbus.

Colonel Myron Charles Harrington, Jr.,

United States Marine Corps, Retired

Dr Ryan Hanning is a professor, itinerant teacher, speaker, and homesteader.

Paul Hienauer, Founder, Glasspro

Tommy Hartnet, former U.S. Representative, South Carolina, 1st District

Anne Hobday, Emergency/respite care foster parent for South Carolina Department of Social Services @ First Friday Networking

Danny Kassis, VP, Dominion (SCE&G)

Suzanne Krebsbach, Catholic Historian

Emma Kate Lively, Catholic Campus Missionary

Melissa Levesque, Vice President of Development & Stewardship, Coastal Community Foundation

Joan Mack,Retired Charleston Television and Radio Broadcaster, Community Leader

Arthur McFarland, Judge, Municipal Court, Retired

Fred McKay, Principal, Charleston Catholic School

Tom McQueeney, Owner, Tom McQueeney-State Farm

Karmin Meade, Director of Catholic Cemeteries, Diocese of Charleston @ Nov 2022 First Friday Networking

Sister Gioan Linh Nguyen, Daughters of Saint Paul

Joseph Pearce, Author, Biographer of

G. K. Chesterton and Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Ashley Pennington, Public Defender, South Carolina Ninth Circuit (ret).

Ericka Plater, Executive Director of Our Lady of Mercy Outreach

Deacon Dan Powers, Catholic Charities

Gloria Purvis, EWTN Radio Personality

Deacon Paul Rosenblum, Pastoral Minister, Port Ministry

Ben Sands, Founder, Sands Leadership, Catholic business consultant

David Seay, Founder, Seay Development

Jim Sheehy, Judge,

District Court of the State of Michigan, Retired

Tim Sinclair, Director of Business Development, Webster Rogers LLP

Sister Pamela Smith, Charleston Diocese Historian

Deacon Joseph Stocker, Holy Spirit Church

Joseph Stringer, Author

Michael Tracy, Charleston Diocese Seminarian

James Tolley, MD, Assistant Professor,

Medical University of South Carolina

George Weigel, Author, Biographer of Saint John Paul II

Shelayne Witte, Lay Dominican and Prison ministry volunteer

Steve Wood, Founder, Family Life Center International, Catholic Radio Host

Bringing FM to BEHS

Bishop England High School (BEHS) has a unique opportunity to establish its own Low Power FM radio station (WBEI). Relying on technical assistance from Catholic Radio in South Carolina, BEHS will be the license holder and Catholic Radio in South Carolina will provide tailored programming for the BEHS and Charleston community. With a broadcast antenna and transmitter maintained by Catholic Radio in South Carolina, FM Catholic Radio at BEHS will have clear radio signal coverage encompassing most of metro Charleston.  Donate to FM to BEHS!

First Friday Networking Event

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First Friday Networking Event

Our theme for these gatherings is how we engage the world in faith and bear witness to the Gospel in the way we live our lives.  With one foot in the Church and one in the world we are all on the same journey.  We ask our speakers to discuss their personal journey of faith and their work in the world and what they see to be meaningful trends and developments in our community, state, and nation.


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