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Daughters of Saint Paul

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Support the Evangelists of the Daughters of Saint Paul

To ensure these donations go to the Daughters of St Paul, PLEASE select "Daughters of St Paul" in the FUND drop down box on the Donate form. (Next Page)

Goal: $10,000.00
Collected: $2,045.00

The Daughters of Saint Paul are always ready to help us.

Like their patron, they are evangelists, teachers and examples of living in faith. While their store is closed at the direction of the city, their hearts are open and their prayers are always available. The Daughters of Saint Paul in Charleston remain our source of Catholic Christian books, media, and objects of faith for every age. If you are need of any of these, call them!    843-577-0175

They can have whatever you need ready for pick-up.They are also gladly willing to listen to you during this difficult time. As tireless evangelists, they have installed a Blessing Box for anyone passing by in need of God’s soothing voice through word and deed. They are even sharing their food.

If you don’t need or can’t stop by their store, please consider donating to their community. They need our support.

Thank you and God bless!

Daughters of St Paul

Pauline Events

Thank you for joining and supporting Pauline Events. We have a lot to offer in 2020 with the crowning Christmas Concert at the top of our list. Pauline Events begins with music and tops off the year with music! Piccolo Spoleto was a great joy last year.

This year we will be surrounded by beauty as the artist of the Templeton prizewinning book joins us. Glen Harrington will display his original paintings in the Pauline Event Room during Piccolo. The author of Brother John will also join us for a book signing. The Knights of Columbus have been supporting us for many years. The Annual Golf Fundraiser is our major fundraiser for the year and is keeping Pauline Books & Media open. Join us for the 11th Annual Golf Tournament at Wild Dunes on April 20, 2020.

Click on read more below to visit websites and Facebook pages that keep you informed about these wonderful events. Call the Pauline Books & Media center for more information 843-577-0175

Blessings,  Sr Margaret Kerry, fsp


Christmas Concert

A Message from the Daughters of St Paul Choir

Concert Date has been rescheduled for 11 December, 2022

For almost thirty years, the sisters of the Daughters of St. Paul Choir have shared the consoling message of the God's love through choral recordings. It's a ministry of prayer for us: As we sing, we pray for all those whom our voices will reach through different channels, whether on the radio or on a movie soundtrack, in a car or on the phone, on Spotify or through a CD in a hospital room. And what a consolation it is for us when people tell us of the hope they have found through our music! When we don't know what to say, music can  speak for us. When we don't know how to pray, music can carry us into God's presence. When grief overwhelms us, music is a consolation. When our joy is inexpressible, music allows other people to share our happiness.

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